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Guide To Social Media Tools
Skype | Signing in to Skype
Enter login information
Enter your Skype name, email or phone to continue.
Enter password
Enter your password and press "Sign in".
Step 3:
Welcome window
If you are signing in for the first time with your account you will see welcoming window which asks you to do few more steps.
Step 4:
Setting up Skype
To set your Skype up you need to check the sound, microphone and video.
You may also continue this step without setting these settings.
Press "Continue" to move forward.
Step 5:
Setting up Skype
Skype invites you to upload your picture. You may also do it later.
Press "Continue" to add your picture or "Add later" to skip this step.
Step 6:
Your Skype information
You are done with setting up your Skype settings. Press "Start using Skype" to continue.
Step 7:
Welcome to Skype
Well done! You are logged in and ready to start using Skype.
In the next lesson you will learn how to find and add contacts.