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Skype | Creating a free account for Skype
Step 1:
Sign in
To create free Skype account press "Create an account" text.
Step 2:
Two ways of creating an account
There are two ways to create an account:
1) Using phone number
2) Using email account
We will introduce the second type.
Option 1: Creating an account using phone number
Fill in required fields and follow the instructions
Option 2: Creating an account using email
Press the text "Use your email instead"
Step 3:
Fill in required fields
Enter your email address and create a password which contains at least 8 characters.
Click "Next"
Step 4:
Add details
Enter your name and last name and click "Next".
Step 5:
Enter code
Go to your email account and check for an email from skype. Then enter the code to the field and press "Next"
Step 6:
Add security info
Read the information and flll required fields. Then press "Send code".
Step 7:
Enter the code
You should have recieved the code to your phone. Enter the code to the field and press "Next".
If you didn't receive the code, press "I didn't't get a code" button and follow the instructions.
Step 8:
After clicking "Next" your Skype should start logging you in automatically.
See next lesson for more information on logging in to Skype.