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Guide To Social Media Tools
Facebook | Chatting and messaging
Friends List - Type 1
There are two types you might see your Friends List.
Small Chat Tab
Click on the Tab to enlarge the list.
Large Chat Tab
When you click the Tab enlarges and you might see your friends.
Friends List - Type 2
Sidebar Firends List
If you have a larger screen you might see all of your friends on the right side of the window.
Friends List options
1 - Friends List
You will see all of your friends listed here. Click if you want to start chatting.
2 - Activity info
You might also see green circle, which means the person is online, or number which means how long a person was inactive.
3 - Search option
If you have a lot of friends, you might not be able to see all of your friends on the list at once. That is why there is a search bar.
3 - Chat settings
There might be that you want to block some friends from sending you messages or more advanced options.
3 - New mesage
You may also start a group chat. Press "New message" icon and add friends you want to message.
When you select a friend to chat the messaging window appears. Start sending messages, photos, files, add emotions, play games and even more...
There are more options on the top chat menu line:
- Add people to chat
- Video calling
- Voice calling
- Options
- Close window