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Guide To Social Media Tools
Facebook | Sharing on facebook
Navigation through homepage
Here are main navigation sites.
1 - A place to share your ideas.
2 - To see posts from your friends or from your timeline.
3 - Watch if there are new updates.
Wide opportunities
You can do many things with posts
Like - press to give a like to the content
Comment - press it to leave a comment.
Share - there are many options for sharing.
View comments, shares or other info about the post - just press on the text with "5 comments", "38 shares" or "115K Views". Manage
1 - Like
Press on "Lile" button to say that you like this post. By pressing "like" you agree that everybody who sees this post may see that you like it.
The number above shows how many people like it.
2 - Comment
Press "Comment" button to write your comment. Also you may press it to see comments from other people.
3 - Share
There are more options when you press "Share".
4 - Statistics
You may see how many people commented, shared or viewed this post.
5 - Navigate comments
This option is very useful when there are more comments than you can see at once. If there are hundreds of comments you may check which ones you want to see first:
- Top comments
- Most Recent
- Top Comments (unfiltered)
6 - Managing posts
There are more options which allow you to manage which posts you want to see, hide, delete, save... and a lot more.
Write a comment
This is how you may leave a comment.
Reply to a comment
There is an option to reply to others' comment.
If you want to reply, press "Reply" on specific comment that you want to reply to.
Manage comments
If you want to delete or edit your comment, press on "v" button on the right side of the comment. (To see this option you must move your mouse over the comment).
There is also an option to hide others' comment or to embed it.
Press "Share" button for sharing options.
Share new (Friends)
This option immediately posts the same comment to your Timeline with the default option.
This option allows you to share your comments, emotions or other things, with this post.
Send as Message
This option allows you to send this post through private message to your friend.
Share on a friend's Timeline
This option allows you to share the post with your comment to your friends' Timeline.
Managing posts
There are options which allow you to see the posts which you like and hide posts which you don't like.
Activities with your posts.
Deletes your post.
Turn Off Translations
Other people won't be able to see the translate button next to your post.
Save post
This option adds a post to the list of saved posts.
Edit Post
This option is only for your written posts.
Turn of notifications for this post
This option blocks the notifications which would be shown on your activity (You can reach activities on the "Globe" icon on the top menu line).
Show in Tab
This options allow you to see the post when you navigate through different pages on Facebook.
Activities with others' posts.
Hide post
This function hides the post and allows you to see fewer posts .
Hide all from ***
Hides all posts from specific Page.
Report post
If you notice that the content of a post is inappropriate you can report the post.
Save link
Saves link to the list of saved posts.
Turn on notifications
If you notice that this post is interesting for you, you may turn on notifications to follow the comments and activities.
Allows you to embed the post.