English and ICT Skills for Life

Communicating In Social Contexts
On the net (for Internauts) | E-mail writing
Starting e-mail
Dear Mr./Mrs + surname
Dear Sir,Madam
Opening sentence
Thank you for your email about …
Many thanks for your email …
Giving a reason
I am writing to inform you about/ complain about/ apologize for …
I am writing with reference to your letter…
Let me congratulate you on …
Closing sentence
I look forward to meeting you.
I look forward to hear from you without delay.
Ending the e-mail
If you start with “Dear Sir or Madam “ finish with “Yours faithfully”
If you start with “Mr or Mrs …” finish with “Yours sincerely”
Regards/Best regards/Kind regards
Starting e-mail
Hello/Hi + name
Hi there!
Opening sentence
Thanks for your email.
Thanks for writing to me.
It was great to hear from you again.
Giving a reason
I am writing to you about …
Guess what?
How are things with you? / What’s up? /How are you? /How was your holiday?
I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while …
Closing sentence
Feel free to drop a line Hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to seeing you/hearing from you soon.
I can’t wait to meet up soon.
Write back soon.
Have a nice/lovely/great day/ weekend/time
Ending the e-mail
Best wishes
All the best
Keep in touch
Bye (for now)
Take care
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