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Guide To Social Media Tools
Facebook | Using Facebook
When you log in to Facebook you see homepage. There are two main features which were n't explained previously.
1 - Creating a Post
You can share what's on your mind. Share videos, files, smiles, feelings, activities, etc.
2 - Post blog
There are shown all the post of your followed friends, pages, groups. You might also see other suggested pages or sponsored pages.
Notice: if you have a lot of friends, you might not be able to see all the posts of your friends on the homepage.
Your page
Other thing you need to explore and create is your page
There is all your main info that others might see,
Be careful of what you share online.
1 - Cover photo
You you are allowed to upload a cover image which is seen by others.
2- Your photo
Upload your photo, so that others might see and recognize you.
3 - Upload Info
This button leads you to the page with the information about you (work experience, life events, colleges, places you have lived, your contact information, details about you, etc.)
4 - Info about you
You can upload and manage your info by using these tabs.
5 - Sharing ideas
You might also post your ideas in this field.
6 - Short info, photos and friends
Short information about your last updated photos and your most recent friends will be shown here.
7 - Timeline/Wall
Your posts will be shown in this part (scroll down to see older posts). There will be seen also the posts posted by your friends on your timeline (if you allow them by managing your security options).