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Guide To Social Media Tools
Facebook | Creating and account and logging in
Go online
Go to Facebook.com
First thing you need to do is to go to Facebook website. www.facebook.com
Facebook homepage
When you go to facebook.com, you might see this view.
1 - Login
If you already have an account, type your email address or phone number and password in the fields and press "Log in"
2 - New account
If you don't have an account, fill in the fields, read the Terms, Data Policy and click Sign Up
First steps
Suggested friends
You might see this window with suggested friends. Click "Add Friend" if you want to add that person to your friends' list.
Welcoming window
Welcoming window
There are main options for what you might need to get started with Facebook.
1 - Facebook icon and Search field
Pressing on Facebook icon leads you to homepage. Search field - you might search for more options. You might search for friends, groups, events, messages which were published from your friends or unknown people who are sharing it publically.
2 - Main navigation
These are the links:
Your little photo and your name - links you to your pageMbr> Home - links to the homepage
Find Friends - is a new option (for new members)
3 - Activity navigation
Friends icon - shows you if there are new friends added.
Message icon - shows if there are new messages.
Globe icon - shows if there is something interesting happening.
4 - New member guidance
These steps will guide you to how add new friends by adding your email information (Facebook will automatically find friends).
Take a Privacy Tour.
Upload a profile picture..
Or add friends.
5 - Explore more
There is a lot to explore on Facebook.
6 - Create your own page, ad, group or event
There is an option to create your own Page, Ad, Group or Event.
Validating your email
Enter the code
You might also be asked to enter the code which was sent to your email account.